For Lined Cartons

  • SPM 80 is an operator friendly and a low maintenance machine
  • It is an intermittent machine and can be used for packing a wide range of products such as Coffee, Tea, Spices and other Dry Products
  • The basic machine is extremely robust and all operations are driven mechanically
  • All Contact Parts are of Stainless Steel
  • A variety of filling devices are available for virtually any type of product
  • Includes a double track conveyer at carton exit


M/C Mechanism Intermittent
Station 22 Stations
Rated Speed 48-50 cartons /min. (depends upon product and pack size)
Power consumption 8KW to 10 KW (depending upon equipment configuration) 
Electric Supply 3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz
Main Motor 1.5KW, 415V, 3 Phases 1440 RPM
Weight 2000 Kg.
Packing Limit 50 gms- 1000gms (Depends on Product Density)
Temp. Controller PID based
Machine Colour Shell Grey
Product to be packed Any type of Non- free flow powder
Coding Unit Embossing station provided (digits not included)
Packing Material Duplex carton with heat sealable liner attached inside
Floor Space 5600 x 3000mm