Sealing Style 4 Side Seal
Speed 60 Strokes / minute maximum (Depends upon the type of product & quantity to be filled)
No. of Tracks Depends upon the width of the pouch
Laminate Specification Width – 600 mm max.
Roll Dia – 450mm. max.
Reel Core I.D.- 150/76 mm 
Max. Length of Pouch 200mm
Packing Material Laminates with one side heat sealable
Filling Capacity 1ml-300ml
Product To Be Packed Liquids / Pastes within dosable viscosity range
Sealing Drives Mechanical – Cam driven with individual sealing jaw setting
Filling Mechanism Piston Filler / Solenoid Valve
Sealing Type As per customer requirement
Perforation and Cutting As per customer requirement
Laminate Roll Unwind Manual
Laminate Draw Off System Through Clutch/Brake
Control Panel Air Cooled with all applicable standards
Contact Parts SS 316
Batch Cutter Operation Pneumatic
Mat Format As per Requirement
Electrical Spec. Main Motor – 2.2 KW, 3 Phase, 415 V
Layout Dimensions Length 3200 mm
Width 2600 mm
Height 2100 mm
Machine Weight Net Weight 1500 kgs.
Gross weight 1800 kgs. 
Air Compressor 3HP, Pressure 6kg/cm sq.
Power Consumption 6KW Approx.
Scrap Rate Less than 2%*
Machine Color Shell Grey – Powder coated.
Weight Variation Within +/- 1%** of the filled quantity
Temp Controller PID Based
Embossing Provision Provision Given (Digits not included)